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  • And The Wave Has Two Sides CD
    Item #: OQCD02
    CD + immediate download of “Drifting” & “It’s Not Over”

    1. Behind the Gun
    2. Icon Love
    3. Alright Alright
    4. I Can’t Escape It
    5. It’s Not Over
    6. Drifting
    7. Wait for the Kill
    8. Stay the Same
    9. You Were So Scared
    10. Secret Drone
    11. Synth Interlude
    12. All At Once
    • $12.00
  • And The Wave Has Two Sides Digital Download
    Item #: OQDD05
    Digital album + Immediate download of “Drifting” & “It’s Not Over”
    • $10.00
  • And The Wave Has Two Sides Standard Vinyl
    Item #: OQLP04
    ON AN ON began recording its debut album, Give In, just three weeks after its' members previous band Scattered Trees broke up in 2012. But the Chicago/Minneapolis trio comprised of Nate Eiesland, Ryne Estwing and Alissa Ricci only really began writing as a fully formed trio in the past two years prepping for sophomore release And the Wave Has Two Sides.
    • $20.00